Best Kids Clubs

No Bored Kids Here!!

The last thing you want to hear on holidays is "I'M BORED"!

We have gone to great lengths to ensure you never hear those words...our resorts and hotels offer a range of facilities and activities so your children are never bored.

Many of the activities are also culturally planned, so your children are learning while they have fun.

They can learn how to open a coconut, catch a fish, make traditional costumes and most of all learn about another culture.

Our Kids Clubs are not just about babysitting you children, they are giving them the opportunity to be involved in the lives of another culture.

Choose from some great destinations and resorts.......we guarantee your children will never be bored!

Cook Islands

Welcome to the secret of the Pacific. Breathe in the fresh pure air. Wade into the cool, calm, blue lagoons. Let the untouched charm of these beautiful Cook Islands capture your spirit and hold your heart.

The 15 islands of the Cooks lie halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, scattered like fragrant frangipani petals floating across 2.2 million square kilometres of a seductive, sensual ocean. Boasting rare beauty, an idyllic climate, warm welcoming people with the widest white smiles and a pace of life unsurpassed for peace: the Cook Islands is Paradise.

The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium

Experience Rarotonga's best beach resort. Slip off your watch, your shoes, your cares and immerse yourself in paradise at the renowned Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium on the island's best beach and crystal clear lagoon. Here you'll discover the Aro'a Lagoon Marine Reserve, a snorkeller's paradise and Rarotonga's best snorkelling spot where you can play with the jewel-coloured reef fish to your heart's content.

Join the resort's friendly Activities Team to hand-feed the fish, go on a Night Snorkelling Safari, paddle a vaka (outrigger), husk a coconut, dance the aura (hula), or make an ei (lei) all as part of the resort's wealth of complimentary activities.

When you're yearning for a true tropical island escape complete with warm sun, sand, sea, and the incomparable spirit of the South Seas the iconic Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium awaits you.